Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement has become a very important function in dealing with the building practices of the past.

The safe handling of removing and properly disposing of the product has become a government controlled and monitored function.

What is asbestos? The search for more affordable and longer lasting building products introduced the use of asbestos into Canada’s buildings in between 1900 – 2000. Asbestos is a fiberous material that adds great strength and durability to a wide variety of building products such as wall board, stucco, spray coating, flooring materials and many more.

The use of asbestos products is now banned in Canada so we must deal with the consequences. WorkSafeBC calls Asbestos the greatest hazard in the work place. These fibers become airborne and create a health hazard. A 10 year study revealed that out of 307 worker fatalities, 145 workers died of asbestos related illnesses.

Duraseal is proud to have 20 certified Asbestos Abatement trained Journeymen. We regularly conduct removal and disposal projects for many Commercial and BC Housing Residential Projects.

At Duraseal, we follow a very strict protocol in keeping your tenants and our people safe.
We welcome the opportunity to visit with you regarding your specific projects to determine the risk and proper procedures necessary to confidently remove asbestos and replace with new healthy and safe materials.

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