At Duraseal, we have expertise in a variety of coating applications.

Exterior Vertical Cladding

Duraseal has been applying a variety of polyurethane and silicone based products to EIFS, conventional stucco and concrete for many years. These products are breathable, they are UV resistant, esthetically pleasing to the eye and extend the life of existing cladding for many years.

Duraseal also applies both waterborne and solvent based silane-based sealers to masonry and tile.

Properly selected and professionally applied coatings systems will often times cure water ingress problems.

At Duraseal, our technical background and application experience will often enable us to assist our clientele in looking at cost effective alternatives to complete cladding replacement.

Exterior Horizontal Coatings

Duraseal installs a number of liquid waterproofing membranes. These polyurethane products are traffic bearing and UV resistant. The most common applications are concrete patios, balconies, suspended parking slabs and pool decks.

Industrial Flooring

Duraseal applies a variety of MMA, polyurethane and epoxy high performance flooring systems. Our specialized crew works diligently with the product manufacturers to specify and install the highest quality product required to meet the specific demands of each condition.

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