This type of service is a necessary component in completing our building envelope and repair service package. At Duraseal, we specialize in topical non-structural concrete repair. Matching the existing concrete in esthetics and performance is always a priority.


Polyurethane grouts are also available for crack repair, usually used on non-structural cracks. Duraseal injects two types of polyurethane-hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Hydrophobic grouts work by repelling water through expansion; hydrophilic’s react and expand when they come into contact with water. Both grouts are ideal for use on wet substrates and can plug a leak in seconds. Suitable uses for polyurethane injection are leaking basements, parking garage ceilings, tunnels, dams and most below grade applications.

Epoxy injection provides a permanent repair to structural cracks in concrete and masonry. This procedure glues back together fractured concrete on both horizontal and vertical planes by injecting epoxy resins or gels directly into the crack under constant, low pressure. Unlike caulking and sealing, epoxy injection bonds the concrete back to its original structural integrity. Added benefits are that it aids in the waterproofing of a structure by preventing leaks through the cracks and prevents moisture from corroding steel re bar.


Duraseal is an expert in the installation of a variety of high quality mechanical expansion/contraction joint systems. With the increasing development of seismic concerns in construction, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and expertise as new and innovative products become available in this field.

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